Millie got sick

Yesterday was probably the most traumatizing day of my life! Millie had just finished eating her breakfast when she suddenly ran to a room. We thought that she just forgot her favorite toy in there however when we walked in, we found that she had been sick on the pile of washing. All of us were shocked and immediately started looking for methods to make her feel better. We read that we should give her homemade food,rice, potatoes and skinless chicken. We also gave her ice-cubes with added vitamins as we fund that this would benefit her. However Millie did no get better. She lost her appetite completely and did not eat our homemade treat. We got very worried and pondered if this was normal for a puppy or if it was an infection. The next day, I woke to find her greedily eating her meal. We assumed that her transition between the homemade food we used to feed her and her dog food was the reason for her ingesting and that we should introduce her to a diet more carefully next time.

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