A pretty princess

Due to an occurring special event, we were getting ready for the occasion. Everyone dressed in their best outfits and my sister even put a bit of make- up(I prefer not to wear any make-up). We were about to leave the house when I realized we had forgotten to get Millie into an outfit! We all excitedly rushed to pick a dress for her and most of us agreed that the hot pink and puffy dress would be a perfect fit. I also added her cute princess crown to her outfit. She looked like the dog version of sleeping beauty(an the cuter version too).

Millie met another dog

When we visited the park for Millie’s second walk. The sky was crystal clear and the clouds blushed at the earth and as we walked along the path, we saw a poodle walking towards us. Luckily it was a toy poodle so i did not worry about the dog being to aggressive toward Millie. Millie cautiously approached the dog but then began jumping on my foot, begging for me to pick her up! I believe that she will need to master the art of socialism however I was still proud of her reaction to meeting another dog.

Millie’s first walk

A week had passed after Millie’s second vaccination and finally she was ready to go for her first walk. My family and I were extremely exited for Millie’s first walk however Millie was a bit reluctant to put on her harness. We walked to a park local to us, all of us waiting to see Millie’s reaction to all the squirrels, bins, birds,children and all the other dogs. When we let her off the leash, she immediately began sniffing EVERYTHING! She was really curious but since she is a royal princess, she tended to avoid going on the muddy ground and stuck with walking on the pavement. It was an excellent walk and one that I will always remember.

Millie got sick

Yesterday was probably the most traumatizing day of my life! Millie had just finished eating her breakfast when she suddenly ran to a room. We thought that she just forgot her favorite toy in there however when we walked in, we found that she had been sick on the pile of washing. All of us were shocked and immediately started looking for methods to make her feel better. We read that we should give her homemade food,rice, potatoes and skinless chicken. We also gave her ice-cubes with added vitamins as we fund that this would benefit her. However Millie did no get better. She lost her appetite completely and did not eat our homemade treat. We got very worried and pondered if this was normal for a puppy or if it was an infection. The next day, I woke to find her greedily eating her meal. We assumed that her transition between the homemade food we used to feed her and her dog food was the reason for her ingesting and that we should introduce her to a diet more carefully next time.

Millie loves belly-rubs

I am aware that almost every dog I know likes belly-rubs but Millie enjoys them on a whole new level. I only recently noticed her extreme love for belly-rubs and this was when we visited the vet to get her second vaccination. After what seemed to be a long wait for the vet, the receptionist came over to us to let us know that the vet was ready, however, she soon started playing with Millie. She stroked her for only a couple of seconds before Millie,very innocently, rolled on her back and did her adorable puppy eyes. Even though I know that if a dog rolls on its back it is showing that you have more power than them, I believe that all Millie wanted was a good belly-rub.

The chasing sleep

When my family and I were resting after our long day, Millie fell asleep on my lap. She was peaceful for a few hours until I was given the greatest shock of my life! Millie began barking and moving her paws as if she was running. We all started laughing but unfortunately awoke her beauty sleep. She woke rather confused about what the noise was about. After she walked to her bowls as if nothing had happened. However this funny moment will be treasured for the rest of her life with us.

Millie went crazy when she saw me

After the long day, I finally returned home and to my greatest surprise I saw Millie waiting for me at the door. When I walked into our house, she started jumping on my legs and licking my feet. I greeted her and she jumped onto my head and ruined my hair. She normally goes crazy when I come home however that day, I suspect she was in a good mood(or someone gave her food that made her super hyper).

Millie’s vaccination

After we arrived at the vet, Millie was logged in and shortly after the vet called us to the room. I sat outside and waited for Millie. I felt quite sorry for her when she cried however after seconds it was over. I saw my mum carry her in her coat with Millie peeking out. We gave her plenty of praise and drove back home. I can’t wait for all the walks yet to come!

Millie and her life at our home

We finally arrived after a long journey and all of us were exited to see whether Millie liked our house or not. To our delight she jumped straight out of the bag, dashing to every room of the house.I was very happy that she was settling well because in the books I had read(about dogs) most dogs were found being anxious for the first few days.We spent most days playing with her but after the holidays had ended, it was time for me to go back to school. After this I only saw her in the morning and when I came back but my mum kindly agreed to look after her for the first few weeks. Now Millie is only hours from getting her vaccination. I hope everything goes well in that she won’t fell the pain for too long.


We first got our dog on the 25 of October 2018. When I first picked her up, she was a small as a hamster and  was as light as a feather however I knew that she was my dog forever. Meeting Millie will be an experience I will never forget.